Panel Interest Form

If you do not already have a panel formed and are interested in compiling or participating in a panel and/or looking for additional Winter Brain attendees to collaborate with on a panel submission, please enter your information on the panel interest form. Anyone listed in the spreadsheet agrees to be contacted by fellow Winter Brain attendees. Click here to access the Panel Interest Form.

Onsite Helpful Information

  • All presenters will be responsible for bringing their own laptop with the appropriate connectors. The projector connectors are HDMI; however the hotel will have a few adapters for those that don’t an HDMI port.
  • Please arrive to your presentation room 20 minutes prior to the start of the session to ensure the AV techs can assist you if needed.

  • A panel should provide an informative introduction to a specialized area for a diverse audience of neuroscientists.
  • This format should consist of four formal presentations of about 20-25 minutes/speaker on a common topic.
  • Speakers should be experts in the topic; skilled and committed to giving an overview of the subject. Organizers are particularly encouraged to include qualified minority scientists and young investigators in their sessions.
  • Panels permit a session chair (organizer) and up to four speakers (one of whom can be the chair). If the session chair intends to make more than brief introductory remarks, only three additional participants should be included.
  • Speaker order should be indicated in the proposal abstract and it is critical that this order be adhered to. Provide time for discussion from members of the audience.