The 2025 Winter Conference on Brain Research will be held in Lake Tahoe, California. All scientific activities will take place at the Everline Resort & Spa.

Winter Brain Mission Statement The mission of the Winter Conference on Brain Research (Winter Brain) is to provide a forum for the dissemination of all aspects of neuroscience at an annual meeting that offers cutting-edge science in formal sessions within a relaxed networking environment amenable to all. To achieve this mission, the Winter Brain focuses on the following three sub goals:

    • To exchange neuroscience research between a broad and diverse audience of neuroscientists through panels, short courses, and posters on basic, clinical, and translational findings at all levels from molecular to behavioral.
    • To increase diversity in neuroscience including, but not limited to, the provision of financial support for junior investigators.
    • To provide education in neuroscience to physicians and other healthcare professionals through continuing medical education, and to lay audiences through outreach activities

Travel Fellowships Organizer: Erik Carlson

Each year Winter Brain offers travel fellowships to young investigators to encourage outstanding new investigator participation in the meeting. This has been a very successful program. Unrestricted donations to the fellowship program can be made at any value.

School Outreach Program Organizer:  Erik Carlson

Each year the scientific delegates to Winter Brain visit local school systems at the elementary through high school level. Presentations are made to the students on a wide variety of subjects. The outreach program has been a great success. Local students have participated in summer programs with conference delegates. A donation to this program helps to support transportation for the delegates out to the schools.

Brain Talk Town Meeting Organizer: Erik Carlson

Winter Brain organizes a presentation to the local community on subjects of special interest. In the past we have held a town meeting presentation on a subject of interest to the community, such as drug addiction, exercise and brain fitness, or sleep in adolescents. A donation to the town meeting will go to support advertising and a reception for the town’s participants.

Unrestricted Donations: Winter Brain is a volunteer, non-profit organization. Any unrestricted donations to support Winter Brain will help offset the costs of the meeting.  The success of the Winter Conference for Brain Research is dependent on your generosity and involvement in the meeting.  Thank you!  If you would like additional information or to donate to Winter Brain, please email the Executive Office at

Brain Talk Demographics 

WCBR Demographics Graph

*Demographic Data was required in 2023.                                              **Non-Binary was added as an option in 2023.