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Travel Fellowships

Each year we provide travel fellowships supporting the attendance of junior investigators. In particular, these awards encourage the participation of first-time attendees. Many of the recipients return to the conference for years and even decades, ensuring the continued success of the meeting. We bestow the highest-ranked Travel Fellow with the Ann Kelley Travel Award. This is a superior honor and memorializes a great leader in the field of neuroscience. We are pleased to announce the addition of the Conan Kornetsky Travel Award in honor of his great contributions to the field of psychopharmacology.  We raise funds for these fellowships through generous support from private donations, federal grants, and industry sources. Therefore, please consider donating to the travel fellowship fund to help us provide the best support to investigators at the first chapters of their careers who we hope will become continued active participants in the Winter Brain community. Your generosity is the key to the enduring success of our meeting.

Endowment Donations

Donations of any size will help fund the next generation of neuroscientists and are greatly appreciated. To permanently fund a travel award, a gift of at least $50,000.00 is required. This amount might change in future years. If you would like the WCBR Executive Committee to approve a named award in honor or memory of a WCBR attendee who has made a significant impact on brain research, please consider donating $1,000 for each year this named award should endure (with a minimum $5,000 donation required for a named award).

For your own legacy to live on at the meeting, consider supporting WCBR in your estate planning. The donor will be responsible for providing written documentation stating the purpose for the donation and any restrictions that accompany the donation. WCBR reserves the right to refuse any gift that is not consistent with the WCBR mission and purpose, or if unacceptable restrictions are placed on the gift. Donations will be deposited into an investment fund, to be determined at that time, which allows the best return on investment while still protecting the principal.

If you would like to endow a travel award or scientific award, please contact WCBR’s Executive Office at info@winterbrain.org.  Thank you for supporting the progress of neuroscience in such an important way.

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