Thank you to all the participants of the 2022 Smitty Stevens Memorial Race, Thursday, February 3, 2022. The race was professionally photographed. Please click on the link below to access the photos. The password for access is race and is required to enable download capabilities. Please enjoy and share with all of your friends and family!

 2022 Smitty Stevens Memorial Race Photos




Ski Non-Scientists 18 & Under
Gold: Eleanor Swanson & Janos Argyelan

Ski Non-Scientists 18 & Above
Gold: Ian Swanson
Silver: Alexander Kirov

Ski Scientists A
Gold: Anne Krok & Stephen Skolnick
Silver: Connor McNulty
Bronze: Roger Grant

Ski Scientists B
Gold: James Otis
Silver: Simon Couly
Bronze: Matej Markota & Guillaume Pagnier

Ski Scientists C
Gold: Nicolas Tritsch & Sybil Stacpoole
Silver: Miklos Argyelan
Bronze: Matej Markota & Guillaume Pagnier

Ski Scientists D
Gold: Sergei Kirov & Amelia Gallitano
Silver: Peter Morgan

Ski Scientists E
Gold: Tom Swanson & Jill Becker
Silver: John Mendelson & Kristen Harris
Bronze: Andrew Malbin

Ski Scientists E
Gold: Miles Herkenham
Silver: Elmer Yu

Snowboard Scientists A
Gold: Elijah Ullman

Snowboard Scientists C
Gold: Stephen Smith & Leslie Sombers

Snowboard Scientists F
Gold: Oswald Steward

Smitty Stevens Awards:
Fastest Snowboarders: Julia Mitchell & Warren Hirst
Fastest Skiers: Kirsten Porter-Stransky & Joshua Brown