The 2017 meeting is the 50th Annual Winter Conference on Brain Research.  To celebrate, organizers and attendees are teaming up to make this year one of your most meaningful and memorable. In addition to the consistent offerings of cutting-edge science and rich networking, the 50th meeting will feature several new daytime panels, more Travel Fellowships, a video/slide compilation of attendee memories, evening activities, and a champagne toast.  Each new addition is summarized below. Registration now open! Click here to register.


In many neuroscience niches, WCBR is world-famous for drawing together veritable pioneers in the field with up-and-coming scientific standouts in a very interactive environment. In our new daytime scientific sessions, we will offer explicit combinations of historical perspectives and fresh ideas. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 WCBR Pioneer Award: Jill Becker, Bill Catterall, Miles Herkenham, George Koob, Sarah Leibowitz, Roger Nicoll, Charles O’Brien, and Suzanne Zukin. Each has done remarkable work in neuroscience and also made major contributions to WCBR.

The Pioneer Awards will be presented at the closing banquet on Thursday, February 2, 2017.  In addition, most of the Pioneers will present a special seminar that describes their work over the past several decades. To view the full schedule, click HERE.

Each of the Pioneer sessions will be 1 hour long and feature a 30 minute Pioneer lecture and two short 10 minute presentations from junior scientists in the field.

To continue the immense respect for junior investigators, their training, and their discoveries, the 50th meeting provides two options for Travel Fellowships.  The traditional Panel Travel Fellows will follow the long-standing format for scientists who are no more than 10 years since the advanced degree and are presenting on an accepted scientific panel. The new Poster Travel Fellows program is for scientists who are no more than 5 years since the advanced degree and are presenting an accepted poster.

Submissions are now closed.

Winter Brain has been an annual highlight for many a scientific career, an opportunity for intellectual challenge coupled with physical activity on the slopes or sleigh rides, or perhaps was just a one-time event with lasting impact for others. Whatever WCBR means to you, we want to know. At least submit a few lines of text with your thoughts about your experience at WCBR using the link below. For example, was WCBR the first place you heard about a new technique, met a new collaborator, got a job tip, reached novice scientists during an outreach trip, or set a personal record on the slopes?  Maybe you have WCBR photos to upload and annotate. Perhaps you can take time to compile a video of your WCBR experience (max 60 sec). Try to include as many names of pictured individuals as possible. Organizers reserve the right to referee the submissions, as they compile them into shows for display during the poster sessions and Thursday evening banquet.

Upload Photo or Video


Click the button above and then select ‘Choose from computer’ and choose your file. To add additional files, click “Add another file”. If you do not have a Dropbox account you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, and email address. WCBR may contact you regarding your submission.

When submitting a photo or video:
Please rename the file to include the date and a very brief description of its contents.  Additionally, after the photo has been uploaded, please upload a word document with an explanation of the photo and each person pictured.

When submitting a story:
If you do not have a photo/video, but a story you would like to share, please upload the story in a word document. Please name the file with a very brief description of its contents.

Please contact Kyle Smith (kyle.s.smith@dartmouth.edu), Jill Becker (jbbecker@umich.edu), or Kyle Frantz (kfrantz@gsu.edu) with questions.

Are you a wizard with brain science fun facts?  Enjoy a good trivia challenge anytime, anywhere?  Join in Trivia Night at Big Sky. To help prepare the event (and gain a competitive advantage on the win), WCBR needs your help.  Please submit great questions and believable answers in a multiple choice format by emailing info@winterbrain.org. Each question must be written out, with four possible answers, the intended correct answer indicated, and a citation to a peer-reviewed or other respected reference for answer verification. Questions should be geared toward a general neuroscience audience, and may pertain to neuroscience in general or WCBR in particular. The managing team reserves the right to adapt, modify, combine or reformat questions.

Submissions are requested no later than January 13, 2017.